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Company Background

Founded in 2008 on the premise the ultimate value is comprised of service and price. CMI Distribution has garnered an impressive and growing list of loyal customers. CMI prides itself on offering unsurpassed “service quality” that exceeds expectations. CMI defines “service quality” as follows: the right product at the right price at the right time; unwaveringly friendly, helpful, knowledgeable personal assistance; and a quick, hassle-free ordering, receiving, check-in and return process.


Excellent on-time Performance

CMI prides itself on providing excellent On-Time Performance.
For example, CMI consistently meets delivery dates.

No or Minimal Backorders

CMI also is determined to eliminate backorders. When backorders are unavoidable, CMI will minimize and consolidate them. We also limit the backorder invoices to one or at most two. By reducing the number of invoices, this will provide our customers with its Best Economic Value Opportunity.


Excellent Quality Control

CMI personnel carefully inspect each and every item before shipping it, and will not ship any item that does not meet our strict quality standards. Everything is packed with extreme care to withstand any disturbance during transit.

Full Manufacturer Warranties

CMI stands behind everything it sells.

Fast and Easy Return and Replacement Policies

Product can be returned, most of the time with no restocking charge.

Managing Change

CMI is flexible and versatile, enabling us to not only respond and react to changing market conditions, but often anticipate future needs and proactively address them. 

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Local: 847.947.7400

Toll Free: 800-692-2008 


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